Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Each time

Each time I think I've gotten a handle on my sorrow over losing my friend, a new wave rises up to great me.

And it burns because she will sit there and tell me that she's done nothing to hurt me and that I have done soooo much to hurt her. If she ever, ever says that to me again...I might ask her how to spell a word. {{5 letters ... starts with b - ends with an itch}}

And yet - - - I have to remember that love keeps no records of wrongs.

I want to scream.

Instead, I'm going to go home - have a Little Debby treat - and read a Psalm. Or 1 Corinthians 13.


Trée said...

"love keeps no records of wrongs."

Beautiful. :-)

flu said...

*scratches head*

hmmm... b word... end... itch

*snap* I got it!


at least that's what I call my end, and it itches some... oh, wait, that's only four letters... poo.

Ciera said...

Ha! Funny Fluke!

Ciera said...

Tree - ddn't mean to miss you there, but thanks for the comment.