Monday, December 10, 2007

How I spent my days off...

It's truly spellbinding, how I've spent my two days off. Ok, not really, but I really wish it had been.

Ok. Sunday: got off work at 3:30...went home, read just a little bit and was soon out...for most of the entire day. I did go to the library in the evening, but I even went to bed early that night.

So. Monday: Up way too early. Finished reading Dominion by Randy Alcorn. Chatted with a friend. Ran some errands. Got Mom's van checked out, learned that it was a bad tire...which of course he didn't even have and he had to order them [2] and was told to drive it as little as possible. Didn't quite make that, and the tire went flat [finally?] while I was still out running errands. Couldn't find Liston to come help, so I had to go beg some help off of Kost tires. They changed the tire and put on the spare and didn't even charge me for it.

Am now at Mom's. Again. Until who knows when.


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