Sunday, December 23, 2007

No Gas

I walked into mom's shortly after 3a.m this morning and was hit with the smell of gas. Which upon investigation we discovered that she had run out of fuel. No heat, no stove. Liston was supposed to be paying the monthy gas bill as his rent, but well...wasn't. He found some temporary tanks to bide us over until we can come up with the $600 we need to make a dent in the past due bill. And I bought some electric heaters. So. It has been a rough day. Yelling, depression. But as I was out driving with other as we were running some errands...The moon was shining through the clouds so, in a way I've never seen before...moonrays breaking I said to Mom...God's speaking to us right now, saying that He loves us and even though we don't see the end of this situation, He does. The moon broke through on several occasions, brightly lighting our way. At one point I said to Mom, "Do you trust me?" She answered by repeating my question back and so I just rolled my eyes and did what I wanted...I turned the headlights to the van off [on a straight stretch] and drove only by moonlight. Wow. It was a nice moment at the end of a very long and rough day.

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Jean-Luc Picard said...

That was a good end to a tough time!

Happy Christmas!