Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Ripped Apart

For crying out loud!!!!

I am so tired of Christina. I was ripped apart by her at work last night...before I had even clocked in...before she was even there! She left me a nasty note from the last night she filled in for my position, saying this that and the other hadn't been right about the programs I had set up. Some of it is probably true, because I remember having a really hard time setting that particular day up. Whether I set it up Friday night waiting for the last sports page, or Saturday night, I was tired and didn't feel good and so you'd think she'd cut me a break....but nooo, she bites first and never bothers to ask questions. And she said not to set them up anymore because of it. Whoa nelly...she's not my supervisor! She has no authority to say such a thing! So, I took it to Deb and said, "You know, something probably was messed up because I wasn't feeling good and probably not paying as close of attention as I should. But I don't think it's her place to correct me like this." She said she'd look into it.

It might have gotten her in trouble. Rob the supervisor said something about it, and something's going down in the morning.

She didn't even address the note to me. I'm so tired of being addressed as "someone" or "somebody" or "whoever"....while being called "somebody" is better than being called "nobody"'s still disrepectful. I have a name...use it!!! Name's are important, part of our identity. And I'm tired of having that part of my identity stripped from me. I suppose it's just the icing on the cake because she's been treating me crappy for weeks now, ever since the night that I called in late because of being in the ER with mom. Like I did that on purpose just to make her life miserable!!!

On a nicer note, I didn't get to talk much with my favorite pressman Kirk, but when I did, I did get a smile from him...and I so like his smile! :D I might have more time to talk with him tomorrow. Just the thought makes me smile some more.

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Jean-Luc Picard said...

It sounded like she exceeded her authority as she was not your manager. It will be interesting to see what happened.