Saturday, December 08, 2007

I am so bad...

Ok, maybe not bad. Insecure? Yeah. Naughty? Maybe.

One of Christina's favorite lines for about how 'well' she gets along with the guys at work is that she's 'just one of the guys'. Maybe she ought to ask the guys. The one I asked, who is a sterotypical horny male, replied 'no, I think she's an idiot.' There was no hesitation on his part, and just a little hostility. This really rather enforces my notion that Chris is kidding herself when she says this. I always thought that when a girl was 'just one of the guys' that there was no sexual tension because they just don't see her as a girl [if I'm wrong, forgive my naivity] and there is no mistaking the sexual tension that is at work when she is there. I don't think she gets on as well with the guys as she thinks she does. I've seen the looks on their faces when she forces [yes, forces] a hug from one of them.


Anyway, enough about work. I finally finished my Trek story over at [a href=""]My Fiction[/a] and hope to be starting a new soon. Cool beans! Off for home and some sleep!

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Jean-Luc Picard said...

It sounds that she likes to think how much the men fancy her, when in truth, they can't stand her.