Saturday, December 01, 2007

Long And Viscious

What a long and viscious week it has been! In 3 days I worked 30 hours...then 9 more last night and looking forward to another 8 hours tonight. No wonder I am tired! The 30 hours goes on the end of last payperiod, the 17 is the beginning of the new. But no matter how you look at's a lot of working!

Christina is still not talking to me...I figure she must still be pissed at me b/c of the night I called in late when I was in the ER with my Mom. She was asked to come in early that night to fill in for's not like she had to say yes. No doubt she feels put upon...having to do all the work while the rest of us [me] just goofs off. Whatever.

Kirk is so funny. The other night, as I'm getting mailbags ready [which I shouldn't have to do anymore, but ya know!] and Kirk is walking through the mailroom after parking the forklift...and we both kind of look at each other...and he stops, like he's thinking about something, then he starts walking my way, so I walk his way...and he asks me..."Homelife and Classifieds done?" Would I be in the mailroom if I didn't have my plateroom work done? So I say to him, "No, I'm saving them for later." He was mildly amused, and said something about running them next, so I asked him if he wanted me to bring them out for him and he said "Yes." So I did :) He has such a nice smile! I asked Carl what he thought about it...was it just Kirk looking for an opportunity to talk to me [because it really was a 'boneheaded question] and Carl said 'Yep, you're not imagining a thing.' Probably the highlight of the entire week.

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Jean-Luc Picard said...

I definately think he wanted just an excuse to chat!