Friday, October 28, 2005

I know

I know that I should be composing my next installment of the Princess thing, and I might later today. I don't really feel well right now. Blech. Can't stay at home in bed though, the world doesn't stop turning just because someone doesn't feel good, right? Whether it is emotional, or physical, and today it happens to be both. At least the only responsibilty that I have today is working at the library for an hour [whoop-tee-do] but an hour is better than nothing.

I told Alfonse this morning that I was a screw up and he scolded me something fierce. "Just because you screw up, doesn't make you a screw up! I don't ever want to hear you say that again!" Ha! What could I really say to that? "Uhm, sure...ok boss...whatever you say." Intellectually I know that screwing up, failing, whatever you want to call it...doesn't make me a screw up or a failure or bad and evil. It's the head talking the heart around to believing that has always been my weakness....sometimes I think there's a "wire" broken somewhere between the two.

On the bright side, it is sunshining right now, and actually almost warm out. I shed my jacket and am just walking around with a sweater. But then I might be having hot flashes [even though everyone except the doctor says I'm too young for them].

I have seven dollars left until Monday, when my noisy car goes into the garage and will probably take almost all of my bus paycheck. That so kind of sucks. But if I wanted to, just for today, I could stop at the Acorn and get a serving of french fries [only $1.49!!!!]. That would leave me with what, just over five dollars? Unless I get a drink.

OK. I'm shutting up now and going to go find lunch. Probably won't have the fries, but will head home and have something boring from the cupboard.

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Jean-Luc Picard said...

Alfonse's words are wise. We ALL screw up in some ways, but that doesn't make us screw-ups.