Saturday, October 01, 2005

October Sky

And not the movie either [though it's a good movie].

October Sky
by: the one and only me

The wind blows my hair as I look up
It's chill reminding me that autumn is here
Despite the sunshine that fills this October sky
That makes the blue sky of summer seem pale
The warmth of the sun is comforting
As it reflects off the peaks of towering clouds
Whose whiteness rests in stark contrast with the dark underneath
Pushing my hair back I can only stand in awe
And marvel at this beauty
That stands apart from the rest of time
In this moment I rest
Thinking neither of yesterday nor of tomorrow
Only of this eternal moment
As for me, time stands still

And to spoil it all for you - this was inspired by a sunshiney/cloudy day earlier this weak, before it actually turned to October....but I thought October Sky sounded better than a September sky. LOL.


Thumper said...

But September Sky is alliterative! Nice, either way :)

Here via Michele's this time!

Pieces of Me said...

Very pretty...I enjoyed reading that...thanks! Here from Michele's...but of course! TTYL

ribbiticus said...

really nice poem. it made me look at the sky outside my window. :) here via michele.

zazzafooky said...

Beautiful poem! and October Sky definitely has a better ring ;-)

Here from Michele's

rashbre said...

love it

Michele sent me!

Courtney said...

Thanks for coming by earlier! What do you think of the most frequently banned books list?

Shelley said...

Beautiful. Thanks for the nice poem, it hit me on a rather "blue" day so I enjoyed it immensely. Cheers!

nobody said...
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nobody said...

nice poem :) october is pretty, but it's so cold I hate it. It means winter is coming :-(

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Beautifully descriptive, with good imagery.

Rob said...

You've got a great voice, ciera. Another nice poem.

flu said...

Hope everything's ok.