Monday, October 31, 2005

Such is life

Such is life.

Friends come and then they go. Like - - whatever.

And yet, despite my advance maturity since a certain incident which shall remained unnamed....I have this overwhelming desire to scream "BITE ME" into the wind....and then drive off into the sunset laughing histerically like a madwoman {not to be confused with a woman who is mad}.

on the brighter side of life, my car has been fixed. My muffler is so quiet, that I can sneak upon people now!!!! Mwuahahahahah!

and the garage didn't take ALL my money. It left me with enough to by a smidgen of gas.

and maybe creamer for my coffee.

yes, it still hurts. it is never nice to be called a b*tch by the woman you were planning on being your matron of honor on that far away imaginary day when I marry some handsome gentlemen...but I am using humor to mask it.

Strange. I have also deeply offended the man I had vaguelly considered walking me down the aisle on the asaid for imaginary day. Perhaps, since God has taken both of them away, it means I will never marry. Sigh.

Life sucks...and I don't mean maybe...


I want a donut.


Cliff said...

Who said you wouldn't marry? Since when is the possibility of marriage based on the presence or lack of a wedding party? If God wants you to marry, He will cause it to happen with or without them. Don't let this hardship cause you to set aside life goals and ambitions. Isn't God greater than your hardships? Isn't He greater than your friends, or those who were your friends? Isn't He so great and soveriegn that He will bring you to His purposes anyway? Isn't He greater than your friend's lack of faith that He can do the same with her? Remember how big and great your God is, and remember how much He loves you. He still loves her too. Now that's the great God that I have come to know.

flu said...

Sorry to hear about the bummer. There's always gonna be spats and trials and donuts and misunderstandings and friends that come and go, but the prospect of getting hitched isn't dependent on any of that stuff...

But I gotta wonder... what would Superhero Bob do?

Jean-Luc Picard said...

I agree with Cliff; the only reason you haven't married is you hav't met the right person.

Have a donut.

utenzi said...

Think about it this way, Ciera--if you're not going to get married you can have as many doughnuts as you want. That's how I view being single. It's carte blanche on all the worst habits. :-)

Ciera said...

oooh, I guess I asked for that, didn't I guys? thanks for the rebuff.

Fluke - you just want to see me get out of my funk and get up a new post at Superhero Bob's site. I'll see what I can do.

oh yeah - - today I decided I was just going to enjoy having donuts...and enjoy them I did.

flu said...

That's not exactly what I was after, but I'll read it if you post it

Ciera said...

Fluke - I been thinking and I think Superhero Bob is too concerned about the safety of her town to be concerned with people calling her names. After all - it's not all about her, is it?

Rob said...

Forgive me for chuckling, but I had to let a little one out. Not that I'm laughing at you, per se. It's just... I've been totally here before, many times.

So just know that however bad it is right now, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

God, that sounded really trite! Sorry. (but it's true!)

Ciera said...

Rob - what would I do without you? :)