Thursday, October 20, 2005

On a more personal note


I dunno about myself sometimes.

Utenzi and Cliff - thanks for your encouraging comments on the earlier post.

Rob - thank you for understanding.

Captain - as always, my gratitude.

Fluke - - - - - what can I say? There's nothing like being called silly by you of all people! AI feel sooo....chastised! And you're right...hunger distorts things. So does sleep deprivation.

I lay awake and my mind won't shut down. Last night it was better. We had a string of special meetings at church this week and last night I did get prayer. I felt something change when the speaker prayed for me...and you'll all laugh when I say what I felt...I felt tired. Not a tormented tired, but a warm-I could-go-to-sleep-right-here-and-now-in-the Presence-of-God-and-not-think-twice-about-it. I haven't felt that in over a week. Which is actually kind of strange because generally when I fight depression I'm tired all the time and sleep and sleep and sleep. this time it 's awake awake awake. I'm thinking I'll drift off nice and "warm and fuzzy" again tonight {{hoping so}}

I did have a revelation of the love of God while on the bus yesterday. I was driving along listening to the radio before picking up the first kid and the song "More" by some guy who's name I can't remember and the FLN website isn't working so I'll have to tell you about it later. But it was a God moment.

ok. I have to go answer an email. Later y'all. :)


utenzi said...

Tired, Ciera? That is an odd reaction. But who's to say how you should feel at such a time? Certainly not me. Keep your chin up.

flu said...

Matthew West, off his first album, "Get happy"

Ciera said...

Utenzi - well, I am an odd individual. {shrug}

Fluke - That's it!!!!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Always glad to be here, Ciera.

Shelley said...

Try to get some rest....and am glad you had the "god" moment. Sometimes we have to hit rock bottom (in this case, complete and utter exhaustion) before we can hear him. His strength is made perfect in weakness...even if the weakness is just from being overtired! It's always important to count your blessings...funny where we all have these revelations isn't it? On the bus, on the street, or in my case last nite, cleaning up my son's barf! Whee! I am GRATEFUL he can make it to the bathroom for most of it! Have a great and restful day!