Sunday, September 18, 2005

Chicken Run

And the chickens did run!

I was driving back from visiting my Mom earlier today...she lives waaaaay out in the in no-man's land...and on the way back....I almost ran over some chickens. Dumb birds anyway. they were just in the middle of the dirt road...minding their own business...I stalled my car trying to stop in time...I mean hey, I don't want chicken blood on my nice blue car. Blech.

At least I didn't see any deer or bear or anything. Whew.

I did get to see my dog when I was at Mom's. She's quite the little porker! I can't have her in my apartment and she's been more Mom's dog than mine since I went to work and "abandoned" her...of course now she can't get enough of me. Dogs are strange. Little black mongrel that has some Pekinese in her. Can't help but love her.

Ok. Time for more weekend game!! :)


Oreo said...

Hi Ciera! Thanks for coming to see me over the weekend. Mom was sssooo busy that I couldn't write you back but anyway, she says to tell you chin up! She just turned 30 herself & the walk in Christ-likeness is always a struggle as you are only a human. Don't walk, let Him carry you! And I say good luck, ::furry hugs & purrayers::

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Chickens aren't exactly the brightest of the bunch.