Friday, September 30, 2005

Not your normal fairy tale

The Princess in the Tower
Part one:

The room was quite large. The floor was mainly covered with marble tile and when the Princess paced, there was a rhythmic clicking sound that reverberated off the high ceiling.

She should be happy - it was beautiful here, and she was well cared for. She ate the best foods, slept in a comfortable bed, and even had visitors everyday. Still, her heart was heavy. She could have anything she asked for here...except her freedom.

"It is for your own good," she had been told, and was still told on the occasions that she dared to ask for a chance to see the outside world. "It is dangerous out there. There is evil. Surely you are not smart enough to protect yourself."

And so she paced. On occassion, she would stop to stand at the window and stare out. In the distance she would see mountains...and cities...and farms... Unlike Rapunzel, her hair was short and she couldn't just toss it out the window. And there was no one at the bottom of her tower calling for her anyway.

Each day, her heart grew heavier as she stared out her window. How she wanted out. She was tired of looking...she wanted to touch the mountains, to travel them. She wanted to meet the people she could see tending the sheep and the cows.

In a moment of sheer insanity, or sanity, depending on how you look at these things, she tore up her bed sheets. Each into three peices and tied them together. Tightly. It wouldn't do to have them come undone halfway down.

The Princess tied the end to a curtain hook and tossed it out the window. She looked down and frowned. It wasn't long enough...but it did reach the top of a tall tree.

Oh - why not give it a try? At the very least, if she were to fall and die...she would die free.

To be continued.........


rashbre said...

Hmm - the princess is in a bit of a spot. I shall be back to find out what happens next.

Michele sent me.


Wickwire said...

I finally made it in to comment. Sorry it took so long.

Well now I'm hooked, I'll have to come back now and see how the story ends.

Michele sent me.

nobody said...

aww, it's a nice story so far! *waits patiently for the next chapter* I like princessy/fairtalish stories.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

A great first part, Ciera. I look forward to more.

It's too bad she couldn't have beamed out!

Ciera said...

That's your job Captain.

Maria said...

Well, in my imagination, she climbs down the tree and lives an independent life, but it is a fairy tale and I bet she meets the tree nymph who turns out to be a Prince and she hangs dependently on his every word and lives in the land of happy everafters. Hope my first choice is closer to the rest of the story.

Ciera said...

Look for the next post either tomorrow or Monday [depends on whether I can get into the library or not...]

ribbiticus said...

nice story. can't wait for what happens next. back from michele's. :)

utenzi said...

This sounds more like you, Ciera, than a Princess. Emotionally, of course. Not physically.