Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I'm not right

No really.

So, ok. A group of us went to Aglow last night, a supposedly "Spirit-filled" women's meeting...only guys were invited this night. It was Pastor, Mrs. Pastor, my friend/mentor, Kimmie and me all in Pastors van. Hmm....what a combination. Lots of laughs there and back. At one point, Pastor was sharing how one of my emails had messed his computer up, don't know why -these computers here at the library are so protected from stuff, but anyway, he said that he thought it was one of the squirrel stories I had sent him [I write short stories with a squirrel in them just for his amusement]. So, conversation goes on, but I'm sitting here having a picture of my next squirrel in which the squirrel gets in the house and messes up the computer. So I start giggling and my friend/mentor looks at I tell her what I was thinking about...which sets her to laughing...and then I said, "I'm not right" And Pastor, overhearing, laughs and says "That's the first step to recovery." It was a lot of fun.

And on the way home, I realized that I really like my Pastor's laugh. It's a deep sound, that you can tell he means cuz it sounds like it's coming from his belly. I don't know...there's something comforting in that sound. Maybe that's why I like to make him laugh...hence the squirrel stories.

Ok - Time for bus run.



Jean-Luc Picard said... blind dates!

Your only dates is here on the Enterprise.

flu said...

my belly makes all kinds of sounds.

Ciera said...

Fluke - And I'm sure they are very interesting sounds...but somehow I don't think it would be quite the same.

Captain - when can I beam up? Or when will you beam down? ;-)

Cliff said...

You mean, your pastor is the only one who gets to hear squirrel stories now? What about the rest of us? We need to hear a good squirrel story from time to time to! We all need a good laugh once in a while! Ok, that's it. I'm officially requesting a squirrel story for all your blog friends. Who's with me?

Ciera said...

Cliff - dork.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Use the secure channel!

Ciera said...

use the secure that code for "email mne" I wonder?

Carmi said...

The best kind of laugh is the one that comes from the root of the soul. Well said.

Back from Michele's.