Sunday, September 18, 2005

The worlds most terrible person

I must be the world's most terrible person. Here I am, sitting in a restaurant with a nice person...and all I want to do is cut and run. He was very nice and for the most part their weren't too many of those conversation lulls...but for the life of me...he reminds me of one of my brothers {i've only got 5}. He's a bit older than me and yet there were times I felt like I was the more mature that was wierd. I did agree to go to the movies with him next week, but I'm already regretting it...I just don't see anything coming from it...I might be surprised...I don't know yet.

Now, I have a very wild imagination...and a few posts ago when Captain Picard was teasing me about being my chaperone for this date...I had this wild idea form....yes, I'm quite twisted. So - here's my thoughts on what it would have been like had the Cap been along for the ride.

Ciera walks up the street, the captain her side and approaches Mr. Average Joe as he sits on the porch steps. "Now you behave yourself," Ciera chides the captain.

"I'll be the epitome of good behavior," assures Captain Picard.

Joe rises to his feet and greets Ciera, saying, "Hey, who's the stiff?"

Picard pulls himself up straighter, if that's at all possible, pulls his jacket down in what is known as the Picard-manuever and says quite sternly, "I am Captain Jean-Luc Picard, of the USS Enterprise."

"Oookay," replied Joe as Ciera shakes her head and groans. "Is he, like, your dad or something?"

"No," Ciera replies, "But he is our chaperone."

"Aren't we too old for a chaperone?" Joe asks.

" is never too old for a chaperone," is Ciera's best reply.

"Well, ok. let's go."

The trio travels to the restaurant - Joe in his jeep, Ciera in her Geo, and the Captain cheats and uses the transporter so that he beats the two there.

"That is so not fair," Ciera mutters to him.

Picard doesn't answer her.

The trio are seated and the two on the date look at their menus. Each order a meal, and the Captains sticks with, "Tea. Earl gey. Hot." The waitress rolls her eyes at him and walks away.

Conversation flows smoothly...each telling different aspects of their jobs and family and likes and such. He likes hunting, she'd rather stay home and read. He likes mountain biking, the highlight of her weekend is going to the library and surfing the net. As this continues, the captains looks more and more pleased.

Joe asks her for another date, and she agrees. The captain objects.

"I object," says Picard.

"Look here, buddy," says Joe. "You've been a royal pain in my...*coughs to cover swear word* buzz off."

"I shall do no such thing," says Picard.

Ciera groans again.

"OK. Listen Babe, I'll see you next week, but you'd better drop the stiff...or I ain't going." Joe gets up and leaves.

Ciera, in mock anger at the captain, give him the "eye" and stands and leaves. Picard follows after her, no doubt to see if she catches up with Joe.

"Ciera," says the captain as the woman stops by her car, Joe nowhere in sight.

Ciera turns to him, sighs and says, "You promised to behave."

"I did my best."

"So you did." She smiles at him. "I almost feel protected."

"Someone should. Protect you, that is."

"I suppose now you're going to beam up to your ship and who knows when I'll see you again."

"Quite so." Picard reaches out and lifts her chin with a finger. "But remember...At Christmas, we dance." Picard removes his finger, steps back, taps his commbadge and saus, "Picard to Enterprise, one to beam up."

As the captain disappears before her eyes, Ciera shakes her head and looks heavenward. She mutters one word that echoes throughout eternity - "Men."

OK...that was fun. I told you I have a wild imagination. {{For those who have no idea what I'm talking about, way back before I changed blog sites, the Captain and I have been playing back and forth about dancing at the Christmas party on the Enterprise, starting from comments left on his blog as well...and that's inspired this lame piece of fiction and we'll see at least one more by Christmas time.}}

Maybe things will go better next week. It's better than staying home and counting the flowers on the walls.......oh wait...I don't have flowers on my walls...never mind.


chatty said...

I was by yesterday. I had wondered how it went. Give it one more shot and if nothing comes from that. At least you met someone new....

Michele sent me.

Rob said...

That's a bummer, ciera. But speaking as a guy who's been strung along (not to suggest that you'd string any guy along), if you're not interested, just dump him.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

That was a classic post, Ciera. I thouroughly enjoyed my involvement as a chaperone.

Sorry your date wasn't as good as you hoped. Perhaps you should have disappeared out of the back. I do agree with Rob that if you wern't interested, you should have turned him down.

It seems like I may have be the chaperone again.

Ciera said...

Thanks for the advice guys.

and captain - that can be arranged.

kenju said...

No flowers on the walls??? How about on a table, or a windowsill or the back yard?

Michele sent me.

Ciera said...

Kenju - no back yard to call my own. I do have an old wedding bouquet on the table though...darn things fly right toward me - might as well put them to good use!

dena said...

Went backward, and caught myself up on the date story. Nothing wrong with giving it one more chance. I've met some wonderful people that weren't all that enchanting on the first meeting, and I've met some people that were unbelievably charismatic the first go around. The end results were totally different. So, give it one more just never know.

visiting from michele's

flu said...

you felt like he was immature?

In a "silly, playful, light, giddy" way?

...or in a "he got ketchup all over his hands and in his hair while he was eating french fries" sorta way?

What was wrong with him that left you disinterested? Was it just that he reminded you of a brother? How did he resemble a brother? Physically? mentally? did he rub a picked booger on you? What?

We need to know these things...

Crazy MomCat said...

Cute. I enjoyed reading this. Thanks for stopping by my site last week!