Thursday, September 22, 2005

Take your pick

And I don't mean your nose.

School Days Blues:

I have some pretty good kids on my bus. Sure - they're noisy and have a tendancy to hang out in the aisle and swing their coats around, but they're still pretty good. One of the little girls on the other bus had her feelings hurt this afternoon as they were going out to the busses and she started screaming. Not just crying, but screaming like someone had twisted her arm or something. Not a pretty sound. All because she couldn't go first in the line. And the sad thing is - they couldn't get her to calm down and she was still screaming like that when they put her on the bus.

Kids Church:

Awwww. they sang to me last night. Min baked a caked for me and did up a little card and had the kids sing, "Thanks and blessings to you" to the tune of happy birthday. I was quite touched. I mean, the kids are happy to see her come back, and sad to see me go...even though I'll still be serving as a back up. Though to be honest, with fuel prices being as they are, I'm not sure what our winter church schedule is going to be like.

Movie Night:

These are my choices for tomorrow night - "Valiant" or "The 40 Year Old Virgin". oooookay. I think the cartoon might be the safest choice there.

Family trivia:

I guess I dropped something of a bombshell the other day, saying how many brothers and sisters I have. To clarify: Dad had two wives, five kids by each. I am the first kid of the second marriage...#6...there is a thirteen year gap between me and #5...I was spoiled rotten until my brother Cliff came along and I've never recovered from having to share the spotlight. Needless to say I never know whether to suffer from the 'middle child syndrome' or the 'oldest child syndrome' ....... although to be honest, it's the oldest child one that comes out most often. The age span of the kids is 49 all the way down to 21. well, if you factor in their upcoming birthdays, it will soon be 50-22. The Brady Bunch we were not. Especially since Mom was only like, 9 years older than her oldest step-daughter.

ok. that's it. :)


Jean-Luc Picard said...

I think you made the right choice with the movie.

Your family tree is complex, Ciera. Thanks for sharing. From my point of view, I'm an only child.

rob said...

Happy b-day!

flu said...

...but my nose needs a good pickin.

omgoodness, how old was the screamer? did she ever settle?

Hm... two movie choices? 2? too? That's it? To?

Is it your birthday?

Ciera said...

not my birthday - that was just the tune they sang the song to.

Yes - only two movies - I live in Hickville USA afterall.

I think the cartoon is the best choice too.

Fluke - you're on your own. Just don't pick it till it bleeds.

nobody said...

Hey! Those are playing in Canton... wait a minute...


I wanna see 40 Year old virgin, it sounds funny, but I doubt I'll go see it.

I live in More Hickville, USA, heh.

Oy, I get nervous around screaming and crying kids. Like I don't know what to do... :/

Rob said...

Oh, gee, don't I feel like boob now. I take it back, Ciera, un-happy birthday! Or would that be happy un-birthday?

Ciera said...

Rob - don't worry about it. I have entire weeks like that. I'll just consider it a really late happy birthday, mine's in the middle of summer so you're not too late!! :)

The little girl that was screaming was about 3 yrs old and I never did ask the other driver how long it was before she settled down.