Monday, September 19, 2005

Why oh why?

Fluke is such a nosey booger isn't he?

There where certain things that reminded me of my one brother's personality. And I saw another brother at my Mom's yesterday - - - and realized that there were some physical similarities to him [and therefore my father]. And......well......I realize this might be asking too much, but I'd really like to date a man who doesn't remind me of my brothers [or father] in - certain ways. I don't want to marry a truck driver...or a hunter...or a police office [which this guy was talking of doing].

There was also the mention of a time when he was taken advantage of by a woman...for his money...and I'm thinking "Great - - - another Tricky Ricky". The last guy I dated had similar issues. Of course, that guy had A LOT of about being unable to please a person. I mean, I'm not rich...far from it.

No - there was no booger picking...nothing gross that way. Well, he did mention that he was so nervous meeting me that he took 3 showers that day {{{WAAAAY too much info there!}}} He really is a nice guy, and I feel terrible for not liking him.

Where I am at right now, mentally & spiritually - I want someone who is like the total opposite of my male kin.

I also want to get married and, like, not tell my mother...but that's another story.

On a different note:
I am so not impressed with the inventors of PAPER right now. Headstart added a student to my route this morning and that means I have to redo my route papers and maps which I just handed in at the end of last week.........Grrrrrr.........paperwork anyway!

Oh yeah - uhm...Fluke...How did you know he had french fries???????


flu said...

O, come now, really - What would you rather have pestering you - a nosey booger?... or a boogery nose?

That's what I thought!

...but enough about nostril gnomes - did you say you had 5 brothers???? Like, the more than 4 but less than 6 number 5?



...and your looking for someone the total opposite of ALL of them? Hm... well, that IS a lot to ask - unless your mom and dad rolled the brothers out and shaped them through some cosmic cookie-cutter process, and they're all a-whole-heaping-lot alike. It may be REAL hard to find some guy that's the total opposite of the culmination of five guys (or 6, including dad).

But really, you shouldn't feel terrible for not liking him - some things just aren't meant to click. I mean, from what I'm reading here, he:
- possibly has a little baggage,
- he had similarities to one bro's personality, another bro's physique, and a few bro's ambitions, and...
- he either: A) sweats buckets or, B) he hasn't the confidence in his hygenic habits to go with only one shower on a big day... and TWO showers didn't even do the trick! Either of those things could mean BIG trouble with a capital B & O.

But everybody deserves a second chance. What movie are you gonna see?

"Oh yeah - uhm...Fluke...How did you know he had french fries???????"

I watched some of the date unfold in my Capt. Picard head-shaped crystal ball, but shortly after you were served, my reception went out.

Ciera said...

Yes, Fluke - 5 brothers [and 4 sisters]. And uhm, 4 of the five are an awful lot a like personality-wise. {I might maybe could stand someone similar to Cliff...maybe) And I know that I'm probably too picky and maybe even a little snobbish...which is part of the reason why I'm allowing the second date...well that and the Captain's off in his ship somewhere.

I'm not sure what movie is showing this weekend...I'll let you all know.

Still - - :P

flu said...

OK... I'll be watching from here...

*pulls up lawn chair, kicks off shoes*

Cliff said...

NOOOOOOOOO! Do not get a guy like me! I'm a jerk! Stay away! Ixna on the Cliffsa. OK, so I'm not good at pig Latin either. You need a guy that is totally better then me. Don't use me as a ruler because I'm twisted. It won't measure straight. Don't get a guy like me! Get the picture? :-) LOL

Ciera said...

Fluke - - - great. That explains the itchy feeling between my shoulder blades. u know the feeling u get when someone's watching you....:P

Cliff - - - no duh.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Ciera, you do have a large family!

Ciera said...

Cpt - and that's not even counting the in-laws, out-laws, nieces and nephews............and people wonder why I get so confused sometimes!!!!!

rob said...

holy crap, 10 kids?!!! Your mom must be one tired lady!

Ciera said...

My Mom only physically had 5...but she helped raise the "first 5". Dad's had two wives and 5 kids by each.